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Posted: Jan 06 2021

In recent years the number of balcony fires across the UK has increased significantly. One of the main causes for these fires has been carelessly discarded cigarettes that have sparked the fire...

Posted: Jan 06 2021

2020 has been a transformational year for the construction industry. The restrictions introduced due to the pandemic has forced the sector as a whole into digitising at a faster rate than...

Posted: Dec 09 2020

The draft Building Safety Bill was released in July 2020, incorporating the suggestions of the Hackitt Review. The bill proposes various significant reforms to regulate the construction industry...

Posted: Dec 06 2020

The regulations regarding fire safety of external walls have been revised to ensure the safety of all residents living in high-rise buildings. With the rise in balcony fires around the UK, it is...

Posted: Nov 25 2020

The government released the draft of its new Building Safety Bill in July earlier this year, proposing some of the most comprehensive building safety reforms in the past 40 years. Through this new...

Posted: Nov 25 2020

The government published the draft of its new Building Safety Bill in July earlier this year in an attempt to regulate the construction industry and ensure the safety of every resident. This Bill...