Ask the Expert: We ask Richard McMullan about the Latest Regulations, MyDek’s Luxura®️ Range and More

With the changing regulations for decking solutions and external walls, it can be challenging to find compliant solutions for your projects. That’s why we’re speaking to our in-house decking expert Richard McMullan, Head of Business Development at MyDek, putting to him some of the most frequently asked questions about our Luxura®️ range and compliance:

Tell us about the Luxura®️ range and is it compliant with the latest regulations?

Our Luxura®️ range is made using a unique high-density, mineral compound that is non-combustible and in compliance with the latest building safety regulations. It offers a look similar to timber decking, making it the perfect compliant option for balconies, terraces in both urban and coastal marine applications and emergency escape walkways. 

Has Luxura®️ been fire tested? If yes, what methods were used and what were the results?

Yes, MyDek Luxura has been fully tested to EN13501-1 and achieved A Class A1 fire rating. In addition, we recently conducted tests to understand the structural stability of this range when it is exposed to 30 minutes of intense fire. Since there is no British Standard for this specific application, we compared it to the requirements for similar British Standard tests.

We conducted two 30-minute tests, during both of which we directly exposed the underside of the Luxura®️ decking boards to flames from a propane torch and recorded specific temperature points. In the second test, we applied an additional 2 kN load to the decking over the central heat spot to test its load-bearing integrity. Overall, we exposed the Luxura®️ decking boards to direct flame for just over an hour, with the temperature reaching 908°C.

Based on the data from these tests, we can confidently say that Luxura®️ is able to maintain its structural integrity and stability under extreme conditions.

Has Luxura®️ achieved REI 30 rating, as mentioned in the updated building regulations? 

Based on the data from the tests I’ve just mentioned, we can safely say that our Luxura®️ range will not collapse within 30 minutes of being exposed to fire.

What are the benefits of Luxura® over other aluminium decking solutions available on the market?

Luxura® is the ultimate decking material for those who love the look and feel of hardwood timber. This innovative product is designed to replicate the natural beauty of timber while offering unparalleled durability and performance. With Luxura®, you can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of timber without the maintenance requirements that come with it. These decking boards can be both drilled and machined in a similar way to wood, making installation a breeze.

Luxura® has a natural look and feel that’s hard to distinguish from the real thing, but it boasts even better performance. It meets the latest regulations and is compliant with all relevant building codes. When walked on, Luxura® feels solid and sturdy thanks to the unique materials used to create the decking boards.

One of the most impressive features of Luxura® is its weather resistance. It can withstand even the harshest outdoor conditions, maintaining its beautiful appearance and structural integrity year after year. Luxura® also maintains a consistent temperature, even in direct sunlight, making it perfect for many applications, including marine and coastal environments, boardwalks and decked escape route walkways on buildings.

Is Luxura® slip resistant? Have tests been conducted to understand the performance of the decking?

Luxura® is made with a remarkable material that boasts a naturally slip-resistant surface. It’s designed with a textured surface that’s expertly impregnated with a specialist sealant, making it one of the most slip-resistant materials on the market. In fact, it boasts an impressive PTV rating of 60 when dry and 43 when wet, giving you unparalleled safety and peace of mind. Whether you’re barefoot or wearing shoes, Luxura® provides a sure base to walk on that’s perfect for high-traffic areas or places where spills and moisture are common. So, if you’re looking for a slip-resistant decking solution that’s both practical and stylish, Luxura® is the perfect choice.

Is Luxura® suitable for a remediation project?

Luxura is used extensively on balcony remediation and refurbishment projects to replace timber and wood plastic composite decking die to its outstanding long term durability and excellent resistance to fire. Luxura® is easy to install as it uses either a concealed clip or the drill and screw method of assembly. The boards can be cut easily to fit any required space, using a circular saw or a jigsaw. This makes it the perfect solution for any remediation project. 

Feel free to reach out to our team for samples or to ask any project-specific questions you may have. You can find out more about the product here.