FAQs – Aluminium Decking

Q1. What is the difference between Aluminium Decking and Composite Decking?

A. Compostite decking is a kind of composite decking, made of a mix of plastic and wooden fibres. On the other hand, aluminium decking is well, made of aluminium.

While both are cost effective and do away with the cons of wooden decking, there are a few differences between the two:

Composite decking has a quite low start-up cost as compared to aluminium decking.

Composite decking has a cost-effective long-term or lifetime cost.

Aluminium decking protects the house against moisture and decay whereas composite decking doesn’t.

Aluminium decking is lighter than Composite Decking.

Q2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Aluminium Decking?

Aluminium decking has emerged as an antidote to all that was wrong with wooden and even composite decking. However, it is not free from cons. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages one should be wary of:


1. Aluminium decking is quite durable as it can withstand all weathers and temperatures.
2. It protects the structure against mold and leakage and its subsequent health and aesthetic hazards.
3. Aluminium does not expand or contract, contrary to wooden decking.


1. Aluminium decking is quite noisy. Not so stealthy steps, anymore.
2. Aesthetically, nothing beats wooden decking. While aluminium decking can be made to look like it, it can hardly match up to the beauty of wood.
3. It is more expensive than other forms of decking.
4. Aluminium decking, in wet weathers, can become more slippery than other forms of decking.

Q3. Does aluminium decking get hot?

One of the best things about aluminium decking is that it can withstand all temperatures and weather, which means no more walking on super hot decks. Aluminium decks can stay cool all through summer and is also fire-resistant.

Q4. Is Aluminium Decking slip-resistant?

Though aluminium decking has a plethora of advantages, it does have one con; it is more slippery than other forms of decking, hence you have to be even more careful than the usual.

Q5. Can Aluminium Decking be used for balconies?

Yes, it can be used for balconies. However, make sure it has an A2 or A1 classification rating. This is advised for better fire safety measures.

Q6. Is Aluminium Decking non-combustible?

A. Yes, non-combustible aluminium decking is available. However, it is advisable to check its classification rating. Make sure that it is A1 or A2, as those are the prerequisites for metals that are non-combustible and fire-resistant.