Join the MyDek Team for The Miracle Morning

At MyDek, we encourage our team to start the day with a positive activity. It could be anything from cycling before work to colouring a postcard for 30 mins to spending 30 mins practising the piano. Set yourself a target of what a good morning looks like for you and join in on The Miracle Morning Challenge with the MyDek Team

How Does it Work?

Just set yourself to do something small – one press-up, read one paragraph, eat one piece of fruit… the rest will follow, it’s the first one that is the achievement. Pick an activity that you would like to do each morning for yourself, anything that sparks joy for you. Ideas of activities could include:

  • -Exercising in the morning and it could be anything such as cycling, running or rowing
  • -Journalling 
  • -Colouring or Meditating
  • -Practising an Instrument 
  • -Working on a Hobby such as Photography or Knitting

Make sure you partake in the activity every morning before work for 30 days, that way, you have taken some time before you begin work for an activity that you enjoy.

Our Team Member’s Miracle Morning Activity 

We’ve rounded up some great tips from our team on what a good morning looks like. Staying home can be hard, we know, but having a mourning routine that you enjoy can be great to keep you active and uplift your mood. 

Struan Ellet, Account Manager

Each morning Struan is spending 30 mins exercising at home before he begins work. His work out includes 25 press ups each day. Struan added – ” Exercise in the morning can help uplift my mood in the mornings and start the day on a positive note”

Richard McMullan, Head of Business Development

For my miracle morning, I like to be up before the sunrise and get out and go for a good walk in the nearby countryside. While walking, I’m able to watch the sunrise, and listen to the dawn chorus, and this puts me in an optimistic and energetic mindset for the day. When I return, I’ve set myself a “push-up challenge” where I’m aiming to achieve 100 push-ups in a single set by the end of May. By breaking the challenge in progressive chunks, I’m improving week by week and am on track to hit my goal. Round off this morning routine with a hot shower and good cup of coffee, and I’m all set and raring to go!

Samuel Kingston, Head of Product Development

Samuel likes to start early, go somewhere quiet and read something inspirational to set himself up for the day. Samuel says -“There’s so much you can learn by reading – I feel that this puts me in a good frame of mind for the challenges of the day. “

Mariusz Sakowski, Supply Chain Manager

First off all – running in the morning is hard for me, but I like it! I used to run back home for a long time in the morning even in the cold, snowy months at temp -10 feeling snowflakes between my teeth or mosquitos in the summer! For me, Motivation is key! Before I go to bed, I get everything ready for the morning run; I don’t check the weather forecast, every day is the same for running! I don’t make any decisions early morning, run today or not… just put running shoes on and get out the door. After a quick body warm-up then I start jogging slowly, after 2 minutes accelerating into a run. After that it is just pure pleasure such as ‘’running downhill looking at the nice sky and green!’’ – doesn’t always apply especially in snowy or rainy days – but still joy! Once the run is complete, I reward myself with a healthy breakfast (lots of fruits and vegetables) and green tea. Next day the run becomes much easier – run early, keep your body happy!

Make sure you keep disciplined, healthy and motivated by starting with a Miracle Morning! Set yourself a target of what a Good Morning looks like to you and use the team to help keep you accountable. This way we can all improve in some area of our lives, and feel like we’ve achieved something worthwhile before we even get to our desks! Ready to join in on our miracle morning routine?