Our Team Share their Unique WFH Tips

The MyDek Team have been working full time from home for a week now. As a team which was set up to be able to operate from any location, we quickly found our footing and adjusted to our work-from-home routine. We decided to ask our team members about their unique WFH tips that made this a success, and go above and beyond the generic tips you might find online. Here is what our team had to say:

1. Record Voice Notes instead of Typing Emails

Our Head of Business Development Richard McMullan, who is incredibly busy and receives over 100+ emails daily, shares his top tip -“If you find yourself as a manager or leader inundated with emails and comms, the easiest and quickest way to reply to an email or message is by recording a voice note.”

2. Set a timer for 25 Mins

Our Head of Refurb, Geoff Pelger, has this tip for anyone who is struggling to get started on a task. This also applies to anyone with children at home. Use a tomato timer for 25 mins to get started on a task. You can use this fun timer for children and set them a challenge to work on for 25 mins. 

3. Get a Project Management System for your team

Our Head of Product, Samuel Kingston, works with several organisations across the business but also coordinates efforts with external organisations has this tip for you – A project management system is ideal for tracking the progress of your teams and ensuring all projects develop without a hitch, especially across remote locations. Everyone knows what they should be working on, and I can keep track of the organisation without unnecessary emails. 

4. Meet your Team Virtually Daily

Our Finance Director, Ben Parsons, has this tip for boosting team morale. Use Zoom to meet your team once a day and catch up on their personal and business updates. Your team members will feel connected and this daily meeting will help keep teams positive.

5. Miracle Morning

We also encourage our team to start the day with a positive activity. Make sure you keep disciplined, healthy and motivated by starting with a Miracle Morning! Set yourself a target of what a Good Morning looks like to you and use the team to help keep you accountable. This way we can all improve in some area of our lives, and feel like we’ve achieved something worthwhile before we even get to our desks!

We hope you enjoyed our tips, and we’d love to hear if you will be incorporating any of these tips in your WFH environment.