Secure Your Balcony Furniture with the MyDek Furniture Anchor

Furniture Anchor by MyDek
Furniture Anchor by MyDek

Every now and then, we hear of balcony furniture flying off due to strong winds, causing destruction and damage to property and life. In a recent survey by, a brand committed to enhancing balcony living in order to improve happiness in urban living, it was found that 31.2% worry about things blowing off their balcony. And while there is a real danger of your outdoor furniture blowing away with the wind, there is also an easy solution to prevent such accidents.

This is the furniture anchor by MyDek. An innovative answer, designed to work with the full range of MyDek’s aluminium decking. This product fits seamlessly between the decking boards and provides an easy way to ensure that your furniture is not at risk of blowing off with the wind. The product is made from recyclable aluminium and provides an elegant and simple solution to the age-old challenge of furniture being dislodged by high winds at height.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, with answers, about this quality product by MyDek.

Q. Can the MyDek Furniture Anchor be installed easily?

A. Yes, the MyDek Furniture Anchor can be easily installed without the need for assistance from a professional tradesperson. The product comes with simple instructions.

Q. Can the MyDek Furniture Anchor be used with other decking solutions?

A. Yes, it can be used with other aluminium decking products.

Q. How much does the MyDek Furniture Anchor cost?

A. It costs around £15.00

Q. What material is the MyDek Furniture Anchor made of?

A. It is made with high-quality recyclable stainless steel and is non-combustible to A2-s1,d0.

Q. What other products does MyDek offer?

A. MyDek offers a wide range of decking solutions for balconies and terraces. All products are specifically designed for balconies and certified as non-combustible to A2-s1,d0 in compliance with Part B of the building regulations. MyDek aluminium decking systems have been extensively tested to ensure excellent slip-resistance, outstanding load-bearing capacity and resistance to scratches and wear.

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