Structural Fire Test on Luxura®️ range

Structural Fire Test

Is the Luxura®️ Range Suitable for Emergency Escape Walkways?

Luxura®️ is one of our most popular decking ranges here at MyDek. Made from a unique high-density, mineral-fibre compound, it offers a natural timber look, while being non-combustible, safe, easy to install and durable. This makes Luxura®️ a perfect solution for balconies and even emergency escape walkways. 

We recently conducted a series of tests on our Luxura®️ range – to ensure that it meets the fire resistance requirements for use on emergency escape walkways. Read on to learn more about the testing methods and results. 

Testing the Structural Integrity and Stability of Luxura®️

We conducted two tests against the requirements for similar British Standard tests as currently there is no British Standard for this specific application. 

We conducted two 30-minute tests, during both of which we directly exposed the underside of the Luxura®️ decking boards to flames from a propane torch and recorded specific temperature points. In the second test, we applied an additional 2 kN load to the decking over the central heat spot to test its load-bearing capacity. Overall, we exposed the Luxura®️ decking boards to direct flame for just over an hour, with the temperature reaching 908°C. 

These tests provide valuable data on the Luxura®️ range’s performance in maintaining its structural integrity and stability under extreme conditions, and confirm that it is suitable for use on emergency escape walkways.

Testing Methods

We tested a 1200 mm x 1070 mm board area on a test rig with 600 mm support centres in Test 1 and 500 mm support centres in Test 2. To simulate a fire beneath the decking, we used a propane torch. We placed sensors at three spots on the test area – the top, underside and approximately 150 mm from the corner – to measure the temperature. We needed it to reach at least 250°C at which point the aluminium decking would be getting soft and the timber decking would be burning. During Test 2, we recorded a highest temperature of 908°C. 

During Test 1, we exposed the Luxura®️ board to 30 minutes of direct heat from the propane torch to determine whether it maintained its structural strength and integrity after exposure to fire. After the first 30-minute test, there were no visible signs of fatigue or degeneration, except for some scorch marks, surface-level crazing/discolouration, and smoke residue.

For Test 2, we again exposed the Luxura®️ board to 30 minutes of direct heat from the propane torch, but this time we added a 2 kN (200 kg) force on a 100 x 100 mm area. The purpose of this test was to evaluate the Luxura®️ board’s structural strength and integrity under load after exposure to fire. After the second 30-minute fire test under 2 kN of force, no noticeable change was observed, other than increased scorch marks, which was expected.

Overall, the testing methods used provided valuable data on the performance of Luxura®️ boards under extreme conditions, demonstrating that they are suitable for use on emergency escape walkways.

For additional information about our Luxura®️ range, or to request samples, please get in touch with our team.