Terrace & Landscape Design: Planning for Success Lunch & Learn

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Rooftop terraces are gaining popularity in the post-pandemic world. Especially in big cities, having this kind of outdoor space tends to increase the building’s value. According to a recent report, a rooftop terrace in London can add 10%, maybe up to 30%, to the value of the property. This is one reason why rooftop spaces in London have doubled year-on-year since 2013.

However, designing a roof terrace isn’t as easy as you may think. Various aspects need to be considered, including the country-specific regulations that apply, fire safety requirements, the decking and a lot more.

To guide you through these various aspects, we have created a free Lunch & Learn on ‘Terrace and Landscape Design Planning for Success’. Sign up to learn more about:

  • Requirements for Terrace and Landscape Design
  • How the Surrounding Environment Influences the Design
  • Longevity, Safety and Sustainability 
  • Building Standards and Regulations for Roof Terraces in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

There’s even a fun quiz to test your knowledge. Sign up here and start learning today!