Why Luxura®️ Is the Right Choice for Coastal Applications

Auckland bridge and harbour view from observation deck on a sunny day

The UK marine industry is an important sector that has specific needs and requirements. Due to the special conditions that the industry is exposed to, all the equipment and products being used need to meet and perform to certain standards. 

In this blog post, we look at the specific issues faced by the marine industry and how our latest offering, Luxura®, performs in those particular situations.

Specific Issues with Applications in Coastal Environments

The special conditions of the marine industry give rise to specific issues. Constant exposure to water, salt, air moisture and stormy conditions can cause major damage to decking. Let’s look at some of the common problems that can develop.

Issues with Wooden Decking

Timber is one of the traditional materials used to create marine-grade decking. However, marine-grade timber tends to be expensive to install and maintain. It is also not entirely waterproof; constant exposure to water and moisture can lead to wood rot, fungi, mould and insect infestations. Moreover, timber decking is fitted together with a moisture-resistant adhesive that, over time, tends to break down, requiring regular maintenance and raising costs.

The other issue is the constant exposure to salt from the sea water. This, combined with the sun’s ultraviolet rays, leads to major drying of the wood, which results in cracks and fractures. These create space for salt to crystallise within the timber, which leads to yet more cracks. Dried salt on the decking can also stain the surface and leave it looking worn out.

Some of these issues can be dealt with using additional chemicals. However, this route is not recommended as the chemicals are harmful to humans and local ecosystems.

Issues with Metal Decking

Metal decking is another popular choice when it comes to marine-grade decking. Aluminium, copper and stainless steel are commonly used metals in marine-grade decking. However, even the highest quality metals tend to rust and corrode over time due to their constant exposure to moisture, and this corrosion of metals often leads to structural damage that requires costly repairs. Such environments can also encourage bacterial growth in the metal decking.

Issues with Concrete Decking

Concrete decking is the third kind of decking solution traditionally used in the marine industry, but it, too, degrades depending on the wet-dry characteristics, ion type, ion concentration, external loading and temperature. Further breakdown happens due to the reactions of chlorides, sulphates and carbonation, resulting in a need for repairs. Other environmental factors like salt crystallisation, extremes of temperature and wave erosions also tend to affect concrete drastically.

Why Luxura®️ Is the Perfect Choice for Coastal Applications

Luxura®️ provides:

  • Ultimate durability

Luxura®️ is made using a unique high-density, mineral-fibre compound that provides the ultimate durability with a lifespan of 60 years. It is resistant to high heat and has sophisticated waterproofing, making it perfect for coastal applications. It is resistant to warping, splitting and rotting and has been awarded an A1 EN 13501 fire classification – in other words, the highest degree of non-combustibility. The material also ensures that there is no expansion or contraction of the decking due to weather changes.

  • Exceptional slip and impact resistance

The Luxura®️ range has been tested for slip resistance and found to have a beyond-one-in-a-million chance of risk from slipping. The impact resistance tests conducted on the range also revealed 1.8 m at 18 joules of impact force. This is more than 10x higher than traditional 20 mm thick porcelain paving.

  • No risk of wind uplift

The Luxura®️ range is mechanically fixed to the subframe using an easy-to-install system, eliminating the risk of wind uplift, which is a particular problem in seaside areas that are frequented by storms. It can also be machined and drilled in a similar way to hardwood timber.

  • The aesthetic of natural wood

Luxura®️ provides the aesthetic of natural wood and feels solid to walk on. It is also low maintenance as it is stain, scratch and wear resistant, unlike timber decking.

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