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Posted: Sep 15 2021

The Fire Safety Act 2021 was passed on April 29, 2021 introducing a wide range of reforms in the construction industry in order to ensure safety for every resident in the country. Among the...

Posted: Aug 03 2021

Last week the Building Regulations Advisory Committee published their report on the Golden Thread of Information. The report touches upon the definition of the golden thread of information, how it...

Posted: Jul 21 2021

On 5 July 2021, the government published the Building Safety Bill, 12 months after the draft safety bill was released and over four years since the Grenfell Tower fire. The Building Safety Bill...

Posted: Jul 21 2021

On 5 July, 2021, the government published the Building Safety Bill. This bill aims to regulate the construction industry and ensure that every resident in the country feels safe in their own home...

Posted: Jun 16 2021

Aluminium Decking is the number one choice for non-combustible and durable decking solutions and makes the perfect balcony decking replacement for Timber or Composite Decking. With the change in...

Posted: Jun 03 2021

The housing industry has undergone major regulation changes and new developments in the first half of 2021. Here are the main issues from the first half of the year that you should be aware of:...