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Posted: Dec 16 2019

The Euroclass System is a leading standard for fire safety classification. It consists of seven levels — A1, A2, B, C, D, E, and F. Both A1 and A2 materials are...

Posted: Nov 19 2019

High-rise buildings are an indisputable part of every modern, technology-driven landscape which runs on strong pillars of minimalism and innovation. With the expansion in population coupled with a...

Posted: Nov 14 2019

Today, balconies are considered to be an important aspect of modern-day living. Balconies not only add extra space but can act as an important fire escape during a fire outbreak (when constructed...

Posted: Nov 06 2019

The new regulations set out by the government in Dec 2018, ban the use of combustible materials on external walls and balconies. New developments are required to use materials that are  A2-s1,d0...