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Posted: May 27 2020

There are a number of non-combustible aluminium decking boards on the market, however the Delta Board...

Posted: Apr 27 2020

PHE guidance for construction states “where it is not possible to follow the social distancing...

Posted: Apr 23 2020

Have you ever looked at the coloured aluminium panels used on external parts of buildings and wondered...

Posted: Apr 16 2020
Test your knowledge on the Essentials of Class A Decking...
Posted: Apr 02 2020

At MyDek, we encourage our team to start the day with a positive activity. It could be anything from cycling before work to colouring...

Posted: Mar 26 2020

The MyDek Team have been working full time from home for a week now. As a team which was set up to be able to operate from any...