Delta20/30 Aluminum Balcony Decking

The Delta range is the ultimate high-performance MyDek® board that simply fixes directly to the balcony frame!
Delta20 is the low-profile board option and will comfortably span up to 600mm with very minimal deflection. Delta30 is the 30mm deep board option.

The simple clip-in cover conceals all fixings, and enables quick and easy installation to a variety of substrates using standard self-drill fixings. Available in the popular range of 6 standard colours and coated using Qualicoat Class 2 powder, Delta30 is your premier choice for versatility in non-combustible decking.

Innova Economical Aluminium Decking

A durable, non-combustible, aluminium decking support system designed for balconies and terraces. Compatible with all decking systems from MyDek.

The simple clip and screw fastening works perfectly with the Economy sub-rail system to deliver a low-cost solution with complete peace of mind. Available in a range of standard colours, Innova will provide a compliant solution for your non-combustible decking needs.


Why choose Naturo™?

Naturo™ brings a new collection of premium finishes to the Mydek non-combustible decking range. Using real wood grain patterns, Naturo™ captures the enduring charm of natural wood and using a unique process, impregnates it into the durable coating of the aluminium deck board. Available in a range of 5 colours, Naturo™ lets you enjoy the beauty of natural timber with all the advantages of aluminium.

Luxura®️ Deck 150

Mineral Composite Non-combustible decking board

With a natural textured woodgrain pattern, available in 2 popular colours, Aged Oak and Hickory this board is the go-to choice for balcony and terrace decking. The simple board width works to a 150mm design module when you allow for a 6mm gap between the boards.
The simple concealed clip fixing is easy and fast to install with the additional benefit of being to screw directly through the board if needed (for example, if you have a part width board to fit down).

Luxura®️ Deck 200

Mineral Composite Non-combustible decking board

The Deck 200 mineral composite non-combustible deck board is a wider board module with a new fine brushed grain finish for a more contemporary appearance. Available in both the Aged Oak and Hickory colours the wider board has a 200mm design module gives a bold and clean appearance much like a machined hardwood deck.
As with the rest of the Luxura® non-combustible decking range, the same simple concealed clip fixing can be used as well as fixing directly through the board if needed.

Luxura®️ Pave 600

Mineral Composite Non-combustible Paving slabs

A market first!
Luxura® A1 Fire rated mineral composite is now available in paving slab format and overcomes the real challenges presented by using porcelain paving slabs – namely the risk of wind uplift and shattering on impact of hard objects.
Luxura® is fast, simple and clean to cut – even to detailed shapes with a jigsaw blade (ideal around drainpipes etc). Available in two standard slab formats, 600 x 600mm and 1200 x 400mm, Luxura® Pave can be installed on MyDek subframe systems or metal balcony frames with ease. With a sleek fine grain, low maintenance surface finish which offers exceptional slip resistance properties Luxura® Pave will be the delight of your terrace for decades to come.

BoxRail Deck Support System

A durable, non-combustible, aluminium decking support system designed for balconies and terraces. Compatible with all decking systems from MyDek.

Designed for fast, simple and accurate installation. Now available with Support Cleats in 4 sizes plus a neat extension piece to create a versatile range of heights from as little as 35mm upwards.

Furniture Anchor

The new furniture anchor from MyDek is designed to work with the full range of aluminium decking boards. Made from recyclable aluminium, the anchor provides an elegant and simple solution to the age-old challenge of furniture being dislodged by high winds at height. Tough enough to withstand wind loadings yet neat and unobtrusive, this clip is simple to fit and can easily be repositioned. With its twist lock and cam-clamp action, its never been easier to secure your furniture, and it folds down flat when not in use.

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