MyDek® in Action – How the Systems Work

See how MyDek® Systems provide rapid, simple and accurate installation of non-combustible decking.The animations below cover the different board profiles and substructure systems available form MyDek®. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgable and friendly team

Delta Board Installation

The Delta board is designed to facilitate fixing into steel framed balconies and is perfect for both new-build and balcony refurbishment projects. The central channel provides a fixing point for heavy gauge, self-drilling screws which can then be concealed. The versatile nature of the Delta board means the gap between the boards can be adjusted to facilitate efficient spacing. Another benefit is that with innovative design, a lifting eye can be incorporated to facilitate the installation of new balconies without the need to leave deck boards missing whilst the the balcony is craned into position.

Delta Drainage Channel

Available to suit both the Delta20 and Delta30 boards, the drainage channel is a neat and simple way of ensuring that water is prevented from dripping onto neighbouring balconies below and closes off sight-lines up and down the balcony stack, therefore improving privacy and user-experience of the balcony space.

Vista/Innova boards with the MyDek® Terrace Substructure System

The MyDek® Terrace system is designed for the larger terrace areas or where greater construction depths are required. The heavy duty steel pedestals are available in a wide range of heights – extending up as much as 400mm. The system is demonstrated here with our standard Vista or Innova board profile which uses a traditional non-combustible clip and screw to clamp the boards at the edges but the Delta boards work equally well with the substructure system.

BoxRail and Cleat Support System

The BoxRail and cleat system is a fast simple and cost-effective method of installing decking on smaller balconies and terraces where the decking is being installed over a waterproofed concrete base or similar construction. It is designed for use with all of our board profiles.

The MyDek® Rapid Access System

The Rapid Access System provides a safe, a time-efficient and cost effective method to facilitate the refurbishment of balconies without the need for scaffolding or accessing the balcony area through the apartment. For more information about how this could work for your refurbishment project please contact our team who will be delighted to help.