Introducing J-Clips, the Perfect Solution for Protection Against Paving Wind Uplift

Introducing J-Clips, the Perfect Solution for Protection Against Paving Wind Uplift

The number of roof terraces being designed into high-rise buildings in Britain is on the increase, and with using loose laid paving as a surface finish, the risk of wind uplift. Considering that about 70% of the upcoming high-rise buildings are primarily for residential purposes, a solution to prevent such wind uplift is essential, especially where porcelain tiles and paving slabs are concerned. 

After years of experience in the construction of balconies and decking solutions, we realised this growing need and have just launched our latest product – J-Clip™. Here’s all you need to know about this new innovation from our team of experts at MyDek:

About J-Clip™

J-Clip™, the latest innovation by MyDek, has been created to protect porcelain tiles against wind uplift. The J-Clip™ mechanism restrains the porcelain tiles in such conditions. The unique design of the clip makes it easy to insert anywhere along the rail; it does not need to be inserted from one end. The neat additional spacer creates the gap between the tiles in the other direction, allowing equal spacing around each tile.

Key features of J-Clip:

  • made from durable aluminium alloy
  • non-combustible and compatible with the latest building and fire safety regulations
  • easy to install and fully compatible with the MyDek BoxRail System
  • extremely easy to relocate with no damage to the tiles.

Where can J-Clip be used?

J-Clip™ can be used on balconies, terraces with a concrete or similar solid base structure, walkways and boardwalks in residential, leisure and commercial areas.

How to install J-Clip

J-Clip™ is easy to install. First, insert the foot of the clip into the rail channel. Then, locate the grooved tile channel into the top edge of the clip. Finally, insert the spacer to create the gap between the tiles in the opposite direction.

Frequently Asked Questions About J-Clip

What makes J-Clip™ different from the other decking solutions available at MyDek?

J-Clip™ is an innovative new solution to tackle the dangers of wind uplift. This is our first product to deal with this problem and it has been created to be fully compatible with the MyDek BoxRail System – allowing MyDek decking boards and porcelain tiles to be used on the same support framework.

What are the benefits of J-Clip™?

Laying unsecured paving on high-level buildings leaves it at risk of wind uplift, which causes significant safety issues. Recent cases have highlighted that this can happen at any level on terraces that are exposed to wind forces. J-Clip™ holds down porcelain tiles so that they don’t come undone when they are exposed to wind forces.  

What is the warranty for J-Clip™?

J-Clip™ by MyDek comes with a 30-year warranty. 

Where can I get more information or a sample of the product?

Feel free to get in touch with the MyDek team at [email protected] or fill out the contact form here.