Pros: Aluminium decking is a Class A2 fire rated material with a 60-year design life. This lightweight yet strong material won’t rust or rot and can be coated in a wide range of colours. Aluminium is easily recycled with a low-cost life cycle and is easily machined and handled.

Cons: Aluminium can quickly become hot to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight. Due to it being metal, it is also noisier to walk on or in heavy rainfall compared to other materials, such as our Luxura decking.

MyDek’s Luxura Mineral composite decking has a natural timber look with an A1 fire rating for non-combustibility. It provides exceptional slip resistance and is stain resistant with an easy to clean surface.

The hard-wearing mineral composite provides ultimate durability and will never warp, twist or rot. It sounds and feels solid underfoot and maintains a stable temperature range. Luxura can be cut and machined like hardwood, and mechanically fixed to eliminate risk of wind uplift.

Luxura has a 30-year limited warranty and 60-year design life.

Due to its material characteristics, it is heavier than aluminium but lighter than stone or concrete. It does require specific blades to cut it but these are readily available on the market.

MyDek delivers throughout the UK and to many destinations worldwide.

Prices vary depending on product and quantity purchased. Please contact our Sales team on 03300 94 94 11 or email [email protected] for accurate pricing for your project.

As a manufacturer, MyDek deal predominantly with larger scale residential developments. Our products are available to purchase directly through our website however and come in standard pack sizes. See website for more details.

Lead times can vary depending on the product specified and current stock levels, however as a guide:

Standard UK delivery of stock items is typically 2-3 days. Non-stock or made-to-order production can vary between 6-12 weeks. Please speak to our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.

Yes, aluminium decking can be easily recycled along with other scrap metals. Luxura can also be easily recycled along with other building masonry such as concrete, bricks etc which are typically sent for crushing and repurposing.

Most of our decking ranges come with a 30-year warranty (Innova has a 15-year warranty).

Whilst all MyDek products are designed for use in high-traffic areas, we would recommend our Luxura range which provides outstanding durability for decking of balconies, terraces and all areas where a high-performance surface is required.

Examples of projects where MyDek non-combustible decking systems have been installed can be viewed on the Projects page of our website. We regularly update this page with new case studies so be sure to check back regularly!

All our products are rigorously tested to ensure that they comply with slip-resistance standards.

The natural character of Luxura’s mineral composite material has outstanding slip resistance properties and is resistant against frost, algae and moss growth.

Aluminum decking, being a metal, has a tendency to sound metallic underfoot or can resonate in heavy rain. If acoustic values are a concern, we recommend specifying our Luxura range, which sounds solid underfoot, similar to timber decking.

MyDek products are manufactured to the highest of standards and with long-term performance in mind. Our aluminium decking uses super-durable powder coating materials which have enhanced UV resistance (known as Florida 3-year UV rating). Over years it is normal for some very slight fading to take place – especially if exposed to high levels of direct sunlight. This should not be to a level that would be a cause for concern though.

Luxura mineral composite decking also offers outstanding UV resistance, being made from natural mineral components and without any artificial pigments. We have not had any reports of fading from Luxura.

Whilst aluminium decking (like many materials) can get hot in direct sunlight, our Luxura mineral composite decking is designed to maintain a stable temperature range for longer.

Our aluminium and mineral composite decking systems have been extensively tested to ensure outstanding load bearing capacity and resistance to scratches and wear. Most of our decking systems have a 30-year warranty and 60-year design life.

Approved Document B, Section 10: Resisting fire spread over external walls currently sates: any building with a storey at least 18m above ground level which contains one or more dwellings; an institution; or a room for residential purposes, requires all materials which become part of an external wall or specified attachment to achieve class A2 – s1, d0 or class A1. These materials include balconies, solar panels, brise soleil, greenwalls and other similar permanent attachments.

The Euroclass system compares ignitability, flame spread, heat release, smoke production and propensity for producing flaming droplets/particles. The system is accepted by all European Union States (mandatory where there is a Harmonised Product Standard) and includes seven classification levels, from A1 to F. It states that products achieving A1 and A2 classification are defined as non-combustible under Regulations.

Fire Certification to EN13501 assures that MyDek® Products are classified as non-combustible to A2-s1,d0 including validation for flooring category.

The MyDek Rapid Access System provides a safe, a time-efficient and cost-effective method to facilitate the refurbishment of balconies without the need for scaffolding or accessing the balcony area through the apartment.

For more information about how this could work for your refurbishment project please contact our friendly team on 03300 94 94 11 or email [email protected].

MyDek supplies several support systems to help with installation. These include:

  • The BoxRail Deck Support System – a durable, non-combustible, aluminium decking support system designed for balconies and terraces and compatible with all decking systems from MyDek
  • The J-Clip™ Tile-Lock Restraint System – an innovative mechanism to enable the restraint of porcelain tiles against wind uplift
  • Rail accessories including support cleats, cleat extensions, cleat mats and screws

MyDek offers a cut-to-length service which typically saves up to 20% wastage. For more details, please get in touch with our Sales team.

Yes, this is not a problem. Simply remove the fixings and lift the boards that need to be replaced. Sometime you may have to lift more than one board to make replacement easier.

MyDek’s innovative drainage channel helps ensure that water is directed away from balcony areas below and maximises privacy by closing off sight lines between the balcony boards. Drainage channels are available for the Delta20, Delta30 and Luxura ranges.

MyDek supplies a range of accessories which can be purchased online including End Caps, Edge Trim, Drainage Channel, Furniture Anchor and Board Fixings.

As with all decking surfaces, regular removal of loose dirt by sweeping with a soft brush is recommended. If the decking is particularly dirty then washing the boards down with a warm water and mild detergent should be sufficient. Stubborn marks such as grease may need spot cleaning with a more concentrated domestic cleaner. For aluminium decking, best results are achieved by mopping off with a microfibre cloth or mop.

Luxura mineral composite decking can be cleaned as above and if exceptionally dirty may be cleaned with a pressure washer, again, finishing off with a microfibre mop. For stubborn marks and stains we recommend an eco-friendly cleaner which you can purchase online here https://delphiseco.com/products/stone-and-masonry-cleaner-2ltr

Samples of our decking range can be ordered here. Please note all aluminium decking samples come with a free colour swatch card.

Yes, CAD drawings for all of our decking products can be downloaded from the individual product pages and our Specification page.

Technical data and installation guides are available to download via the individual product pages and our Specification page. If you require further support, you can get in touch with our friendly team on 03300 94 94 11 or email [email protected].

CPDs can be booked on our website here.

Titled “The Essentials of Class A Decking” The MyDek® CPD covers key points that you need to know and then dives into further training regarding the specification of suitable decking systems. This can be delivered online or direct to your team, wherever they may be located at a time that suits you.