Composite Decking

Our Luxura range of non-combustible composite decking is designed to replicate the look and feel of hardwood timber, whilst being A1 fire rated (the ultimate performance rating for non-combustibility) and delivering outstanding durability.  

Made from a special mix of minerals, calcium silicates and other specialist materials, this low maintenance, high-density mineral composite is exceptionally resistant against scratching, will not warp, twist or rot and will endure all extremes of weather conditions. 

Benefits of Luxura composite decking

  • A1 fire rated for non-combustibility 
  • Hard wearing mineral composite for ultimate durability 
  • Excellent slip, wear and stain resistance 
  • Easy-clean surface 
  • Excellent thermal properties 
  • Will not warp, twist or rot 
  • Natural timber look 
  • Sounds and feels solid underfoot 
  • Can be cut and machined like hardwood 
  • Mechanically fixed to eliminate the risk of wind uplift 
  • 30 year warranty 
  • 60 year design life 

Composite decking applications 

Luxura non-combustible composite decking feels and sounds as solid to walk on as stone or concrete, whilst the surface is stain-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, the material has outstanding slip-resistance properties and is resistant against frost, algae and moss growth.  

This A1 fire rated composite decking provides specifiers and end users with complete peace of mind and is suitable for use in a wide range of applications where the ultimate performance and durability is required. This includes high-rise residential balconies and terraces, hospitality and commercial decks and terraces, boardwalks and swimming pool decks. 

If acoustic values are a concern, our Luxura composite decking is the ideal solution as it sounds solid underfoot, similar to timber decking. In addition, whilst aluminium decking (like many materials) can get hot in direct sunlight, our composite decking is designed to maintain a stable temperature range for longer, making it more comfortable underfoot, particularly for children and pets. 

Examples of projects where our Luxura composite decking has been installed can be viewed on the Projects page of our website. 

Composite decking design 

Luxura Deck is the original and popular mineral composite decking board which provides a sleek, cotemporary feel to any balcony or terrace. With a natural textured woodgrain pattern available in 2 popular colours, Aged Oak and Hickory, this board is the go-to choice for balcony and terrace decking. Available in a choice of 2 widths, Luxura Deck 150 and Luxura Deck 200 provide the ideal solution where a timber look is desired without compromising on safety or performance. 


Composite decking installation 

MyDek’s Luxura composite decking can be installed onto any of our subframe systems as well as onto steel frame projecting balconies. Careful engineering means that the high-density compound can be machined and drilled in a similar way to hardwood timber and is faster, simpler and cleaner to cut than materials such as stone or porcelain. 

The composite decking boards can be installed onto any of MyDek’s subframe systems as well as onto steel frame projecting balconies. Additionally, where needed, the boards can be cut to required widths and surface fixed through the board. 

Which composite decking option is right for your project? 

Luxura Deck 150

Luxura Deck 150 is the original and popular mineral composite decking board. With a natural textured woodgrain pattern and available in 2 popular colours, Aged Oak and Hickory, this board is the go-to choice for balcony and terrace decking. A1 Fire rated and with a 30 year warranty. Luxura. For complete peace of mind in quality, performance and durability. 

Luxura Deck 200

New in the Luxura range is the Luxura Deck 200 decking board!
The Deck 200 is a wider board with a new fine brushed grain finish for a more contemporary appearance and sleek urban appeal. All the performance benefits of the material are retained: A1 Fire rating, outstanding slip, wear and stain resistance.  

Luxura Pave 600

A market first! Luxura mineral composite material is now available in paving slab format and overcomes the real challenges presented by using porcelain paving slabs – namely the risk of wind uplift and shattering on impact of hard objects. Luxura Pave has impact resistance more than 10x that of standard porcelain paving. 

Luxura Pave 1200

Luxura Pave 1200 is the 1200 x 400mm paving slab format which enables an attractive offset joint pattern in installation. Bringing all the benefits of the Luxura non-combustible mineral composite into an attractive format, Luxura Pave is lighter weight and easier to cut and handle than stone or porcelain.

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