Introducing the BoxRail System for Easy Decking Installation

BoxRail Cleat Options 3D_cgi - by MyDek

The MyDek team is excited to unveil the new BoxRail System for easy installation of decking. Whether it is for use on balconies or terraces, this system has been developed based on feedback from customers in order to simplify the installation process.

Given the rising costs and shortages of labour, our new BoxRail System offers the perfect solution for quick and easy decking installation. This system brings down the costs of installation and increases the productivity of the crew on site. Read on to learn more about the BoxRail System, its key features and benefits:

What is the BoxRail System by MyDek?

The BoxRail System is a durable, A1 fire rated, non-combustible, aluminium decking support system designed for balconies and terraces. Our latest offering was created to combat rising prices in the industry and improve the productivity of teams on site. The system is compatible with all decking systems from MyDek. It can be used on balconies, walkways, roof terraces, leisure areas and patios for effortless decking installation.

Benefits of the BoxRail System

  • Facilitates quick installation – fast, simple and versatile to install
  • Reduces time spent on site – wide range of construction heights from 35mm – 200mm +
  • Brings down cost of labour low cost and great value range
  • Reduces safety risks on site A1 fire rated,
  • Made from recycled and 100% recyclable aluminium

Installation of the BoxRail System

The BoxRail System is clipped onto SupportCleats and can be easily fixed on using the self-drilling screws provided. Here is how the system can be installed in eight easy steps:

1. Plan and set out the balcony area with BoxRailTM joists placed loosely at the correct spacings to accept the decking.

Ensure that there are joists close to the ends of the decking boards to provide support (preferably not more than 150 mm cantilever at the end of boards)

Use 60 mm x 40 mm BoxRailTM or 50 mm Support Rail – and space the rails at maximum 600 mm apart with cleats at maximum 1200 mm apart along the rail. There should be a maximum overhang of joist beyond the pedestal or cleat of 250 mm.

2. Set out a cleat foot at each point required using appropriate spacings along the length of the BoxRailTM, usually 1200–1500 mm (refer to technical data sheets if unsure).

3. Clip the first cleat foot onto one end of the BoxRailTM and adjust to approximately the right height.

4. Repeat at the other end. Place the BoxRailTM carefully into position at one edge of the balcony and check the level. Adjust the BoxRailTM in the feet till a level position is achieved.

5. Fit additional feet at approximate spacings in between the first and the last foot, and adjust for height.

6. Using the groove as a positioning guide, position two screws approximately 30 mm apart to each side using the self-drilling screws provided and fix through each cleat foot into the BoxRailTM.

7. Repeat steps 3–6 on the other joists’ positions, levelling each joist with the previous one to maintain a level structure for the decking.

8. Install the decking per the Decking Installation Guide.

Get in Touch with Our Team

Our team harnesses a huge range of experience, creativity, passion and drive to make balconies and terraces safe and the decking systems durable and easy and quick to install. For further information about the BoxRail System, please book a call with our experienced team or download the installation guide here.