Lunch and Learn: Sustainable Specification in Residential Construction

The importance of sustainable construction cannot be stressed enough. With the effects of climate change being felt all over the globe, more owners and developers are turning towards sustainable forms of construction over traditional methods. It is important to shift the focus of the industry towards sustainability in order to ensure a better quality both of life and of the environment. Having clean air, natural resources and a non-toxic environment can help communities thrive and by following sustainable practices, the construction industry will ensure minimal damage to natural habitats.

Currently, the industry is responsible for 40% of annual global CO2 emissions. In order to reach net-zero goals, a major shift towards sustainability is required in the industry. But doing so isn’t easy because of the lack of information available, the difficulty of accepting change and getting stakeholder buy in.

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  • Definition of Sustainable Construction
  • Challenges Faced by Sustainable Construction
  • Thinking of it from the start for Green Buildings
  • Calculating Carbon of Materials
  • Management of Sustainability
  • Sustainability in External Walls
  • Stakeholder Buy In

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Sustainable Specification in Residential Construction Lunch & Learn