Lunch & Learn with Us: Navigating the Building Safety Act

The Building Safety Act came into force in April 2022, introducing a stricter fire safety regime to ensure the safety of every resident in the UK. It introduces new requirements through secondary legislation and reforms existing legislation to provide clarity on how buildings should be constructed, maintained and made safe during their entire lifetime. It also introduces new duty holders, three gateways and the golden thread of information to increase accountability and transparency in the industry. 

If you or your team are struggling to understand all these newly introduced reforms, this Navigating the Building Safety Act Lunch & Learn is for you.  Once you sign up for this email course, you will be sent one email every day for the next five days, each explaining the various aspects of the new Building Safety Act. The course covers the following topics: 

  • Overview of the Fire Safety Act (2021) and the Building Safety Act (2022) 
  • Duty Holders and the 3 Gateways 
  • External Wall Systems 
  • Specifying Balconies and Terraces 
  • Additional Requirements for Specifying Balcony Decking

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Building Safety Act Lunch & Learn