Lunch & Learn with Us: Understanding BS8579

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BS8579 was released in 2020 defining the revised standards for balconies and terraces. The new standards define various industry terms including Juliet Guarding, Controlled Drainage and Edge Drainage and list out the different requirements for safety considerations, structural integrity, mechanical stability, drainage considerations, design requirements and applicable Eurocodes for designing balconies and terraces. Our mini email course takes you through all the highlights of these requirements mentioned in BS8579. If you want to learn about the latest building codes for designing balconies and terraces but find that you don’t have time to read through the entire document, opt for this email course that makes learning fun and convenient. 

Once you sign up for the email course, you will be sent one email every day for the next six days, each explaining the various aspects of BS8579. The course covers the following topics:

-BS8579 Terminology Explained 

-Safety Considerations Mentioned in BS8579

-Structural Integrity and Mechanical Stability Requirements

-Drainage Considerations for Balconies and Terraces

-Design Requirements Mentioned in BS8579

-Eurocodes Applicable to Balcony and Terrace Design 

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Understanding BS8579 Lunch & Learn