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Online CPD Booking - The Essentials of Class A Decking

Boost your knowledge with one of MyDek's CPDs delivered online via video conferencing.

Confused about the legislation, advice notes and current demands and issues surrounding non-combustible products on external facades - and how it affects balcony and decking requirements?
The MyDek CPD, titled "The Essentials of Class A Decking" goes over key points that you need to know and then dives into further training regarding the specification of suitable decking systems. The seminar can be delivered online, via video conferencing, direct to your team, wherever they may be located at a time the suits you.

By the end of the CPD you will know:
1) The key critical elements of the revised Part B legislation in relation to external facades
2) Up to date information on advice notes from the government and future intentions
3) The performance standards of powder coatings and why they matter in non-combustible decking system
4) How to effectively specify Class A decking to ensure you, your clients and the residents are safe and sound
5) Discover unique solutions to address the challenges for refurbishing existing balconies