From Powder-Coated Aluminium Decking to Luxura®, Here’s What You Need to Know About MyDek’s Decking Range

Luxura Deck in Hickory installed at Ocean Wharf by MyDek

Selecting the right decking is crucial for any project as it influences not only the aesthetic of the space but also its longevity and maintenance requirements. Various factors, including material durability, environmental conditions, compliance with standards, and aesthetic preferences, play a pivotal role in this choice.  

In order to meet these diverse requirements, MyDek offers a range of high-quality decking solutions, from robust powder-coated Aluminium boards that adhere to stringent quality controls, to innovative materials like Luxura®, which caters to the evolving market preferences for performance and elegance. In this blog post, we look at the advantages of powder-coated Aluminium decking and how it compares to our innovative Luxura® decking system.   

We offer a wide range of Aluminium decking options  for our customers at MyDek. These ranges are known for their unbeatable combination of strength, light weight, and resistance to the elements. We offer superior polyester powder-coated finishes for each of our Aluminium decking ranges. Here is what sets our polyester powder-coated decking apart:   

Quality begins with the foundation. Our Aluminium decking undergoes a meticulous pre-treatment process, which ensures that every surface is perfectly prepared for coating. We adhere to the Qualicoat Seaside standard as part of our commitment to excellence. This makes our Aluminium decking especially ideal for projects in challenging coastal environments where durability matters most. 

The resilience of our decking is enhanced by the use of high-performance, super-durable powder coatings. These coatings are engineered to withstand the rigours of outdoor life. By coating our decking boards with this powder coating, we further protect them against weathering and ensure that our decking retains its colour, texture, and integrity through sun, rain, and wear. 

At MyDek, precision is key in our quality control process. We maintain strict controls over the thickness of our powder coatings, ensuring that they are neither too thick nor too thin. This meticulous attention guarantees compliance with industry standards while optimising the durability and wear resistance of our decking. 

While Aluminium decking offers numerous benefits, those looking for higher-quality decking solutions that also offer higher performance, enhanced aesthetics, and greater durability can also opt for Luxura® decking. 

Our Luxura® decking stands out for its exceptional blend of performance, natural aesthetic, and lasting durability. Made from a special mix of minerals, calcium silicates, and other specialist materials, Luxura® is gaining popularity over powder-coated Aluminium decking solutions. It is the ideal solution as Luxura® not only provides the sound and feel of hardwood timber, making it more comfortable for end users, but it also provides maximum fire safety with its A1 fire rating, the highest any product can achieve – making it compliant with the requirements stated in the Building Safety Act.This innovative material captures the essence of natural textures while providing an unparalleled level of resilience against environmental factors. 

The market’s preference is unmistakably shifting towards products like Luxura®, as consumers are seeking decking solutions that do not compromise on aesthetics or functionality.  

For more information on our products, please check out our range here or reach out to our team to request your samples.