Reasons to Choose MyDek for Your Upcoming Project

Contemporary Outdoor Roof Terrace

Selecting the right decking for your next balcony and terrace project is an important decision. Whether you’re refurbishing a deck or building a new one, you’ll need to consider a number of factors in order to select the right solution. If you’re ready to choose a supply partner for your upcoming project, read on because, in this blog post, we tell you all about our decking systems and how we support you along the way.  

Experienced Team

Every project is unique and requires a certain level of expertise to ensure that every aspect is taken into consideration and the right kind of recommendations are made earlier on to ensure that things run smoothly. This is why our highly experienced team works closely with clients right from the beginning to ensure that every aspect is pre-vetted and the right provisions are made in the early stages of the project. 

Our decking ranges at MyDek are non-combustible, highly durable and in a range of different colours, finishes and types to provide a broad choice to suit different applications. Our team brings together extensive knowledge of specifications, technical compliance and outstanding innovation to create non-combustible decking systems that deliver on our ethos: Safe. Smart. Sustainable. 

Over the years, we have taken on board feedback from the industry and our customers and created several non-combustible decking ranges that are elegant and attractive without compromising on safety. Our current offering includes four aluminium decking ranges – Delta, Vista and Innova– as well as Luxura, anA1 fire-rated mineral composite decking, and all come with support structures and accessories.  Most recently, the innovative J-Clip system works with our standard sub-structure to provide a cost-effective wind uplift restraint for porcelain tiles.  

Our decking solutions are available in a wide range of finishes, colours and systems, so you’re sure to find the right option for your project.  

Partnering with Customers to Find Innovative Solutions

At MyDek, we work with you right from design and specification through to installation. Our team of experts are there to guide and support different stakeholders as and when needed. Here’s what you can expect while working with MyDek: 

During the Design and Specification Stage 

What decking is suitable for the project? Does it match the aesthetic and vision for the project? Is it safe and durable? Is it the best option for the application in mind? For example, if it’s an area of terrace with a lot of foot traffic, is aluminium the best material or would it be better to go for one of the other options? These are just some of the questions we’ll be exploring at this stage. And this is why we start working with you right at the beginning to help answer your questions and ensure you make the right selection. 

At this stage, our goal is to gain a deep understanding of your project and any challenges you may face. We work closely with key stakeholders – architect, surveyor, your design and technical teams – to understand the project and any challenges, provide technical support and advise on the most appropriate product. 

Once you’ve chosen your decking, we collaborate with you to come up with the most effective design and share relevant case studies and insights to ensure that every aspect has been considered. 

Where required, we also provide knowledge to your teams through specialised CPDs and training seminars. 

During the Scoping Stage 

Next, you’re probably thinking about the quantity required for the project and how you can prevent wastage. This is why we support our customers by liaising with estimators, quantity surveyors, your design and technical teams and the commercial/project managers to survey the project and determine the accurate quantities required so as to minimise wastage.  

We also give you the opportunity to walk on our aluminium and Luxura decking systems, experience the difference for yourself and help you finalise the specifications, including colour and finishes.  

During the Procurement Stage 

The next challenge for you is around the procurement, pricing, logistics and payment terms. All of those need to be considered, and this is why we work with quantity surveyors, commercial/project managers and buyers to confirm the final selection, provide detailed project pricing, establish the optimal procurement routes and processes to deliver the best value and agree on payment terms.  

During the Delivery Stage 

Now comes the part that requires the most amount of planning and coordination. Your decking needs to be there right in time for installation so that you don’t have to stress out about finding a storage space if it gets there early, and the project isn’t delayed because the decking is not there in time. 

This is why we coordinate with site managers, commercial/project managers and installers to confirm all delivery contact details for effective communication, agree on a time-efficient delivery schedule based on project timelines and establish delivery requirements. 

During the Installation Stage 

Finally, it is time to install the decking, and you want to make sure that it is installed right and that the final decking passes the required quality checks. This is why we work closely with installers and site management teams to provide tool-box talks for installer training and on-site project support as and when needed. We also conduct quality control checks to sign off installation and supply the final O&M Manual for records.  

For more product information, please check our website. To get specialised technical support, reach out to our team at [email protected] or complete the form here.