Navigating Project Excellence: How We Support Customers Through the RIBA Stages  

Vista Aluminium Decking Installed at London Dock Blocks - Decking by MyDek

Delivering successful projects in today’s construction industry requires not only innovative ideas and skilled professionals but also the right support through every phase of the project life cycle. At MyDek, we aim to provide our customers with all the guidance they may need at every step along the way. Years of experience in the industry have equipped us to ensure a smooth and compelling progression from project inception to completion. In this blog post, we dive into how MyDek works with customers throughout the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) design stages to ensure that every project is successful.   

Integrating the RIBA Stages at MyDek  

Here is how we seamlessly integrate the RIBA stages to enhance each phase of a project:  

Stage 0 – Strategic Definition: We initiate our journey by collaboratively defining the project’s objectives, aspirations and feasibility. At this stage, we primarily work with our clients to identify areas within the concept of the building design where high-performance deck solutions may be required. Through thorough discussions and meticulous planning, we lay the foundation for a successful project. This stage mirrors RIBA’s Strategic Definition, where the project’s strategic brief and initial business case are established.  

Stage 1 – Preparation and Brief: Just as RIBA’s Preparation and Brief stage involves creating a clear project brief, we make sure that our client’s visions are translated into actionable plans. At this stage, our team works closely with the client teams through specialised continuing professional development (CPD) and other channels to bring awareness of and training on the latest Building Safety Regulations, compliance requirements and high-level solutions. This phase sets the tone for the project’s direction, fostering a shared understanding of goals and expectations.  

Stage 2 – Concept Design: At this stage, our team works closely with the client to transform ideas into tangible concepts, allowing our clients the opportunity to visualise the potential outcome. Together with our client and design teams, we outline different solutions that are both compliant and aligned with the design brief for application of decking to balconies, terraces, boardwalks, etc.  

Stage 3 – Developed Design: At this next stage, we pay meticulous attention to detail as the concept evolves into a comprehensive design, complete with technical specifications and structural integrity. This stage marks a crucial transition towards materialising the project.  

Stage 4 – Technical Design: The harmony between MyDek and RIBA continues in the technical design phase. The MyDek team collaborates with engineers and architects to ensure that the project’s design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally robust and feasible. It also addresses the potential installation challenges around small, detailed areas of the project, which aligns MyDek with RIBA’s emphasis on technical excellence.  

Stage 5 – Construction: RIBA’s construction stage aligns seamlessly with MyDek’s commitment to project execution. This is where plans evolve into reality, with our experienced project managers overseeing construction and adhering to timelines, quality standards and client expectations. We spend time with project managers and installation teams to provide training, quality control inspections and installation assessment reports, as required.  

Stage 6 – Handover and Closeout: At this final stage, we make sure that our clients are satisfied with the final results. Our team ensures a smooth transition by conducting final quality checks and providing the certifications and documentation required by the client.   

Talking about how we support our clients throughout the different stages of a project, Richard McMullan, Head of Business Development at MyDek, says, ‘Our main goal at MyDek is to provide our clients with all the support they need at every stage of the project while ensuring safety and the highest quality decking products. We do this by providing the relevant client teams with CPD training, conducting quality control and helping customers meet the Building Safety Regulations. Every project is different, and we tailor our approach to ensure that it fits right in with the client’s vision for the development.’ 

If you’re looking to partner with MyDek on your next project, make sure to reach out to our team at [email protected] for product samples and more.