Selecting the Perfect Non-Combustible Decking for Luxury Development, Triptych Bankside

Triptych Bankside London Development - Decking by MyDek

Choosing the right decking material is crucial for any architectural project, but when it comes to a luxury development like Triptych Bankside in London, the stakes are even higher. Triptych Bankside has been designed by internationally acclaimed London architects Squire & Partners. It is a luxurious mixed-use development that had a number of specific requirements for its balcony and terrace decking. They were looking for the perfect decking material to complement the overall aesthetics and functionality of the project, and for this they approached the team at MyDek. 

In this case study, we take a closer look at this unique and prestigious development in London and share how the MyDek team worked together with the project design team to help them design and plan the perfect balconies and terraces and find the right non-combustible decking solution to meet their specific requirements. So, read on to learn more. 

Triptych Bankside: A Luxury Oasis in the Heart of Southbank 

Triptych Bankside is a testament to architectural excellence, offering an opulent living experience in the vibrant Southbank neighbourhood of London. Comprising two soaring residential towers housing 169 residences, an expansive 85,000 sq ft office building, and a collection of independent retail, wellness, and cultural spaces, Triptych Bankside embodies the idea that creativity inspires life. The development is designed to be a haven for those seeking a combination of luxury, culture, and convenience, making every aspect of its construction and design a critical consideration. 

MyDek Decking at Triptych Bankside

At Triptych Bankside, the choice of MyDek’s non-combustible decking proved to be a game-changer for the project. MyDek’s aluminium decking was meticulously selected and seamlessly incorporated into the development for use across both balconies and terraces across the two towers. The project’s unique, irregularly shaped balconies posed a significant design and installation challenge, but MyDek’s team provided expert guidance and ensured that each section was laid out with precision. The contemporary finish of MyDek’s decking beautifully complements the building’s modern design, adding an extra layer of sophistication. Beyond aesthetics, MyDek’s choice offered a non-combustible, future-proof solution, aligning perfectly with the project’s commitment to safety and longevity. 

Triptych Bankside on Working With MyDek 

Speaking about the experience of working with the MyDek team, Triptych Bankside’s Project Design Manager, Nick Chamberlain, says, “Working with MyDek was seamless. We had issues at that time with the change in regulations in terms of the non-use of combustible materials in façades and balconies. We had balconies and terraces and MyDek was instrumental in helping us develop our proposals and implement the use of the materials across both areas.”

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